Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Huddie Horror - yuck

Look no further if you are particularly squeamish!

From the kitchen window, I saw Huddie pouncing around behind one of the raised beds. The bed is now empty, all the old growth cleared away for the winter. Went to investigate, whereupon Huddie assumed the innocent pose:

But wait, why is he shielding the raised bed?

NOOOO! What's that beside the hole?

And now he's grabbed it out and laid it on the lawn:

Yuck - it's a raw chicken leg covered with earth!

I shooed him into the house, followed him in and donned a pair of kitchen gloves to pick this thing up.
That done, I returned to find……'s gone!!
In the space of a few minutes something - probably airborne - swopped in and snatched the delicious morsel!!

Huddie proceeded to follow me around the house, giving me side-long glances and licking his chops (his way of indicating hunger ). He thought I'd stolen his prize - I had to give him a clean piece of chicken to fill the gap in his belly.

Odd thing is, he's just been communing via email with his lady friend, Hollie, concerning his previous escapades with hens eggs (he stole and buried 4 dozen of them when I had hens - I found them in the raised bed for 2 years). It must have stirred up that memory.

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