Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All fluffie angelina

Started on a new fleece - of Fluffie, whose big white fleece was washed last June. Want more wool to make a cabled hat to go with a pair of Evangeline fingerless gloves I knit and dyed brown for my daughter to wear in cold NY. She returned to NY 4 days ago and I miss her but I'm glad she is well situated. The dog, of course, doesn't know this and spend a few days looking for her rather mournfully. He seems to be over it now - I'm glad to say.

Wanted to add a bit of sparkle to the brown so it won't be too dull. I have a small amount of Angelina finer - sparkly, strange stuff that reacts to heat - and realized I had to blend it with some wool before spinning - which in turn meant dying it as fleece rather than spun wool (as I've done so far). I was nervous about this - what if it turned into a matted felted mess? Well, it didn't no did the gloves I put in the dye pot along with it get all tangled up - it's an advantage to have wool that's harder to felt sometimes - in fact, often. 
Fluffie is a rather furtive mid-sized sheep - so it won't be as easy to get her "portrait" into my (her?) wool stash as it was to that of her get her flock mate, Frekkie.
Am looking for info in blended angelina - not much so far so I just jumped in and it looks nice.

I'm beginning to think that dying the fleece before carding and spinning puts a better sheen sheen on the dyed wool. My small experience suggests that dying the spun yarn or knit piece, while it's simpler in many ways, can leave the wool less lustrous.
Anyway, better take my chance to sit in the porch (on this beautiful autumn day) and get some more fluffieAngelina done.

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