Thursday, October 16, 2008

How long is a piece of string and only 2 dogs

I think I'm going to knit a sweater/jumper (big deal to me) - I have a pattern, the wool looks similar - now I need to know how much more yarn I need to spin - so I asked on Irish Knitters.
Meanwhile, the Crafters Basket in Sligo posted me a set of DPN (very quickly too I might say) so I can knit some fingerless gloves - and even bring them along to a knitting group in Mullingar next week - all things being equal.
Only 2 dogs now - my 15 yr old Jack Russel managed to escape the property one night - I couldn't find him anywhere in the dark when I went to put him to bed - and, since he was almost totally deaf, I had to give up. He was found by someone who brought him to an animal shelter after 2 days and there the vet decided he was in advanced organ failure and put him to sleep. This was a shock for us to find out when we called the shelter but he was aged 15, with sight and hearing loss and given to standing in corners for hours and drinking water endlessly so I expect his time had come anyway. However, given the speed with which he was dispatched, I've made sure my other 2 dogs have tags on (as well as their microchip).
That's the end of another era. 

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