Saturday, October 18, 2008

Smug Saturday

I dosed the sheep against fluke yesterday so that's one worry I no longer have. They all looked bucksome (not at all like they had any illness let alone fluke) and the wooly ones have their fleece coming along nicely - they feel so nice. Heard myself caution them to stay clean until May next (looking it??).
A little disappointed as I've not got hold of my Galway sheep fleece yet - despite a sinceer promise by the shepherd. Maybe he's going mad choosing a good representative one - after all, several other shepherds are aware of the promise too. 
Despite this minor thing, it's still smug Saturday as I uploaded photos of two little hats I knitted using a box stitch (and indeed wore during some cold evenings this week) and I've completed one fingerless glove from the Evangeline pattern. Problem is, I'd like to finish the second one too - but if I do that, it'll be spinning time again and I'll have no knitting for the knitting club next Wednesday. This mismatch keeps happening - pity I can't bring carding or spinning along - but I think the people in the adjacent restaurant tables might object.
However, perhaps I'll curb my knitting greed and do spinning instead as I like the knitting group and each time I've been there, I've learned something - 
Some things I've learned:
single spin yarn tends to twist/list clock or anti-clockwise (depending on the spin) when nit up - while balanced, plied yarn stays straight! Dha! That's why they kept mentioning balanced plying at a spinning course I did. 
How to Navajo ply - which i sort of knew but did not until provoked to consider it, why it's used to maintain blocks of color in yarn spun from a series of different colors.
There I saw the fingerless gloves knit up and this prompted me to try my hand at these cables beauties- and so far succeed.
I've had my first "internet death" though - the little dog (Henry a 15 year old Jack Russell) shown sleeping on one of my knit rugs on Ravelry, is no more. He was indeed skin and bone and his time had come but I still think I hear his bark - then remember he is gone. Not gone are Oisin (wholse wool is also in Ravelry) and Huddie - the wonderfully mad, red border collie.


Catherine said...

I wish I'd not published this before I fixed the spelling errors - ah well.

The Woolly Way said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogger regret!! Its really hard to see what you've written until after you posted it. I always post, read, then edit. Its easy to fix, simply go into dashboard, then posting, click on edit of the particular post. Do a spell check, or re-write, then save. Good luck with the new blog..