Sunday, November 23, 2008

Belverdere craft show

Went to the craft show at Belvedere House, Mullingar today (after Rosknit alerted me to same). A very nice show - tempting food and well made crafts. Bought several food items (Christmas chocolates, german wine, cranberry chutney and sauce pairs  in little bags together) which can be gifts or added to gifts for Christmas. 

Its a changeable and blustery day - we were lucky to get a fairly clear bit around midday and brought the dog, Oisin, for a ramble round the lake , woods and folly. He's happy as a lark now.
Not so his companion, Huddie, the red BC.  Later this day, the clouds rolled in, bitter rain fell and the wind made whiney noises through the little gaps round the sliding doors - much to his horror  -  he still acts as if a banshee is about to enter. 
I find it actually quite appropriate for winter - time to light a fire in the hearth.

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