Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rolag mania

Having dyed a load of 2007 fleece which lay crisping up in the attic, it's now being made into rolags. The purpose (excuse?) for doing all this rolagging is to make a rolag rug.

I'm calling this project by that name, as the technique is not strictly the same as the traditional Lumra rug method. For a start, I didn't gather the wool  found on hedges and fences and I've not got rug canvas - and I don't even have a locker hook needle. I'm using that useless product - fleece from cross-bred meat sheep. Instead of rug canvas, I've got non-slip rug backing. I'm pulling the stretched rolags through the backing using a big darning needle and I'll later "sew" it in place from the back  and then  attempt to needle felt it from above to prevent loose hairs. 

I've done a few rows, light fern green, chocolate brown and a thinner strip of  deep fern green and it's fairly pleasing - but it's main attribute is soft squishyness.  I don't of course know what it will finally look like , but that attribute is enough to make me like it. 

I have to keep this work away from the dogs - they resent it - I can see it in their eyes - so there is a risk of a sudden attack or a swift burial. They do have a case, as it's interfered with their walks and dog agility but they had a good innings today.

Can't put this as a project on Ravelry as it's neither knitting nor crocheting  - but hope to pursue it with pictures on flickr.

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