Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grilled hat

After I finished a dark brown cabled hat to go with cabled gloves, I washed and blocked it . It took days but began to look really nice as it dried into shape  - the cables more visible and the color lighter. Bought some packaging in preparation to send the wooly knitted set to my daughter in NY. It still seemed a tiny bit damp - so, as is my wont with wet wool, I placed it in my fan oven at 50 degrees for a while - just to be sure it was bone dry. HOWEVER, I didn't notice the oven knob was set to GRILL - so when I took it out, it was nicely crisped round the edges and some spots in the center - which CRUMBLED AWAY when I touched it. 
Lesson "don't grill your hat".
Lesson 2 - always return the knob to neutral on the oven after use.
Lesson 3 - wool really is flame retardant.
Hard lessons - a bit  like the one you learn when you don't save a big document you've written on a computer - no one to blame but yourself.
Despite the loss of my efforts, I can't help laughing every time I think of it - a Mt Bean moment - spend ages working on a hat - then grill it to death :).
New hat under way - and there's no hurry as it's unseasonably mild in NY . 
The only thing about the episode that really bothers me is that it's holding up my rug progress - I've got just 1/3 of the first rolag rug done - and I've already decided how I want to make the next one - it's going to be like a picture I have of my collies on a beach and I can't wait to start that one.

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