Friday, April 3, 2009

Frag fest

Knit the sandstone colored Galway into the beginnings of a throw/rub. Crochet edges and twisted cable center. I knew I didn't like it soon after it bagan to emerge but I had to continue to see if I could complete the twisted cable in the center. I completed it (painstakingly writing the instruction from a chart), admired the twisty cables then fragged the lot. The reason is the wool is too tight looking and is not thick enough to make a rug nor soft enough to be a delicate wrap. Experimentation with various needle sizes and patterns suggests I should use two strands at a time on large needles to make it more of a rug and perhaps include another color too.

The odd thing is that I don't mind fragging it despite the effort made to make it. Years ago, if I knit something, I couldn't bear to rip it (sometimes wearing lobsided jumpers rather than go back and start again).
I think this indicates a more advanced stage of the yarn work addiction .

Another Easy Care ewe had twins this morning - a ram and, at last! - an ewe lamb.
This ewe is very resistant to being confined in any way - just would not go into the jug even when her lambs were in there (Minnie on the other hand would have knocked me down to get in with them) - so I left her out once the lambs were iodined and she got her post-partum supplement - not that she really needed it - but it's only fair as the others got some - and she has supplied my first pure bred Easy Care ewe lamb.

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