Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A throw

Some of the Galway sandstone crochetd into a throw - of sorts. It's essentially just a lot of TR's and some thick black single (where did that come from? I ask myself, mystified) plyd with a single of the sandstone.
It was supposed to hang on the back of a chair in the sitting room but the weather changed from the lovely Easter time sort to very cold so it's been round my shoulders more often. I expected it to be too scratchy to wear - but it's not really though it's very springy and rustic.
The red alpaca is still in the works - the short fibers are being carded and spun using long draw then Navajo plyd , the longer combed fibers are being stored - for what I know not yet.
Now must go and reduce my stash details for the Galway sandstone by the amount of the throw - how to do that?? Weighing scales I suppose.

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