Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alpa=Silk scarf

Taking some of the alpaca-silk blended and spinning a thin single then 2-ply it then cable-ply the 2-plyd strands together gave a soft medium weight yarn. It doesn't come over as a cabled yarn - i.e. with that twisted cable look and feel - it's too soft for that I suppose. But it gave it enough bulk to do Stormy Rectangle Scarf, a free pattern from Classic Elite Yarns , to make a scarf for my son. It looked like a simple pattern - just series of knit or purl stitched arranged in groups to make the basket-weave type pattern but for some reason, I defeated me several times. Don't know why that is - it just kept "wrong footing" me in some way so I have to write down every row I was on despite the nice little chart as well as worded instructions in the pattern.
It's a ltlle bit - scratchy os too harsh a word, but it's less silky than I thought it would be but it's tolerable and very soft and nice to stroke. It must be very warm.
Alpaca silk scarf6
Alpaca silk scarf8
Alpaca silk scarf4
Hope Mark likes it .


Lindy said...

Of course he will like it! The flecked effect of the silk makes it tweedily textured and the pattern is nice and manly.

Catherine said...

Hope you are right Lindy :).
Will study subjects face Friday next :).