Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Scraps hat

Last year's November was frozen feet month, this year's December was frozen head month so when I saw "Tahoe Hat" by Jill Smith-Mott in Spin.off Winter 2009, and seeing all the little balls of my dyed hand spun all over the place, I thought I'd combine some of them to toast my head. The mag.'s hat is one of those dinner-plate shaped ones which I find a bit tricky to get a to fit snugly so I went for the dome shape instead.
scarp hat10
Oisin Investigates!

scarp hat6
As worn by a jar of wolly bits.

scarp hat9
I'm quite well disposed to this as it was roasting while out at night in the recent frost.

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Catherine said...

Scrap hat - you have been VERY VERY usefull these past 3 weeks!