Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Creative changes

There seems to be a pattern for me - imagine making some item, get real enthusiastic abut it, spin materials etc., make it - and feel quite ahppy with how it is emerging - then finish it and .... well first it looks fairly good to me, then i start seeing the flaws - technical defects as well as not living up to the original idea - then dislike - nay, loathing!. It sits somewhere for a while and I come upon it - this time with no particular expectations - and actually like it again!
That's what happened with the woven runner of previous post - so much so that I awarded it the 2 red hand-painted buttons Jen gave me this Christmas - to look a bit like this:
woven Runner with buttons



Christine Raab-Heine said...

I think I know this pattern. Somehow you always find something not perfect with an item after a while.

It's probably the craftman/woman's response, who always tries to get better in technique etc.

But as you say, taking this away, and just consider the piece in itself, makes you happy with it.

Your table runner is lovely.

Catherine said...

Christine, you encourage me.
Thank you.