Sunday, January 10, 2010

Table Runner

Dopey's wool, dyed "Mist" and spun worsted on the wheel and lumpy-bumpy on the drop-spindle, some dyed "Tropical Punch" and spun worsted on the wheel.
I origionallly thought I'd make a smooth "professionsl looking" runner but just couldn't stop myself making it irregular and textured. Not sure why - might have looks better smooth and even but - that just seemed boreing so I had to add in the irregular stuff.
Perhaps it looks more like a scarf or wrap than a runner - but...
Anyway, I learned a lot from it. My worsted spun does work as a warp - good! I could have made it a bit thicker though for the 7.5 dent heddle I have (it's about 16 wpi while it could have been better at 14 wpi). I learned how to make a float using Betty Anne Davenport's book "Rigid Heddle Weaving" that I got as a Christmas present (thanks Jen!) and from the same book, the value of starting and ending the weaving with a few rows of scrap yarn - among other things.
I haven't soaked it, just pressed it lightly - probably should soak it and dry it blocked. Yes, will do that


Bionic Laura said...

Looks great, love the textured weaving. I love that soft grey colour with the red. I think table runners are better if they aren't too big anyway!

Catherine said...

Thanks Laura.
I've added two red hand-painted buttons my daughter brought me at Christmas which I think improves it but I have to figure out what to do with the fringe - which I don't like in it's present frm

Snag Breac said...

Thats gorgeous! Lovely colours.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the encouragement Snag :).