Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Cake

Me and Jen have a plan to each make a disgustingly over-decorated cake for Easter Sunday and post their photos on our Facebook pages - well on Jen's page and HuddieASBODOG's page to see which is the worst. I have the advantage of years of baking experience while she has the advantage of CVS - the drugstore with the most tacky seasonal decorations in the world.
Well I uncovered a dearth of such fancy shlock around here - in Ballymahon and Athlone anyway.  I had to resort to using fairly standard kiddies cake decorations in a pitch way plus I could find little decorative chicks only in a garden center.  These used to be standard beside the cashier but maybe "health and safety" considerations no longer allows them near food stuff. Ah, natural selection thwarted at every turn.
Anyway, decided on a 3-tiet sponge with Creme au beurre icing and a yellow glade top.
Lined the tins
Sponges came out 
Paper off.
Egg white and icing sugar for the Crem au Beurre
Unsalted butter and chocolate for the creme au beurre
Glacee icing on top - deep yellow !
Assortment of tooth-rot
Looked almost respectable until the mini-marshmallow went on
No-flash photo

For eating tomorrow - anyone got some insulin?