Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lambing and Spinning

Six ewes have lambed so far - and 11 lambs between them. I'm lucky it's been so dry and often sunny - hop fit stays like that for a while.
Spinning a mixed breed sheep (Easy Care X Texel cross first shear). The fibers are medium size quite crimped and fairly short (maybe 3 - 4 inches). Just combing them out with the small carders and rolling the combed locks off the carder long-ways. Spinning on the Traveller at 9:1  and keeping it soft spun as I want to have the choice to use it as a single (not as much twist added as I would if I were going to ply the singles).
The plan is to spin about 600 yards of fingering/4 ply singles and, after dying it, use it to knit a shawl pattern I've been working on. I'm calling it "Shell Shaw" - for the moment anyway.  Writing the pattern seems to make it so complicated - making sure there are the right number of stitches for a complete pattern, trying to describe how extra stitches get added to as the shawl progresses and enlarges and eventually earn a pattern themselves etc.
First little hank - 1bout 130 yards:


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