Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A very Colorful weekend - lots of wool dying

My KoolAid sachets seemed to be solidifying and degenerating despite living in a shoebox in a drawer in the work room so I thought I'd better get ready to use them or else loose them. So I went started on a Friday and had pots on the stove until Sunday with fiber drying outside while the sun shone and in the porch when there were showers.
I added some dark grey Lanscape dye for blending on the drum carder and also some bright yellow and blue Eurolana dyed fiber also to blend at some later date.
These photos should remind me of my dyathon:
I use dater from the water button the the garden. This saves on using so much from the well and also is a much softer water. It has a mildly acid pH and I added to citric acid crystals to it to bring it down to around pH of 4. My well water is alkali and much harsher).

Washed Fleece and Kool Aid

Lemon Lyme in the Pot

Lemon Lyme drying outside

Strawberry Kool Aid being rinsed

Drying outside in the sun

Grape and a Landscape grey dye

Orange Kool Aid

The dyed fleece are piling up

The first fleece (L L) was a short staple, Suffolk-type
but the rest are Texel EasyCare cross fleece from my
sheep here

Eurolana blue and yellow dyes

First carded batt - stawberry

Lemon Lyme with strawberry batts in front
of the drum carder and lots of
Tropical Punch behind
The smell of "synthetic berries" has gone at last andI have plenty of carding to do !


Vlaďka Cepáková said...

Wow! So much work with beautiful results!

Catherine Cronin said...

Thank you