Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beautiful day

Show-off in the hall:

Despite the cold it was beautiful here today.

The "Lake effect" I'm told.

The little green cardi did it's job - thanks Fluffie!More fundtional than a looker I suppose, but so very warm!

The ovines got their snack as usual and I tried to get a photo of Fluffie during the excitement. She has evaded me quite a lot and when I once thought I'd get a good one, she turned up covered in hawthorne briars and seeds. Mabe this time:

Yes, that's her - of course she turned her behind to me.

I dyed you green :).

Frekkie is more oblidging.

Did you know you are a rug, gloves and hats?

This Easycare is very forward!

Doesn't seem to miss the wool though.

Moved three small apple trees , a lyme tree and planted the little christmas tree which was in a pot this year. Realised this needed doing as the sheep gnawed the bark again this year despite my efforts with chickwire etc. Needed to be placed nearer the house anyway - so this beautiful winter weather left no excuse as there was no rain and the soil was easy to dig. Three more to do tomrrow - not by my own labour alone of course, OH had a big hand in this. Seems boyant due to Ireland-France rugby match result - a good time to strike with a list of chores :).

Ah the poor ram and weather - being forgotten as usual once their part is played - so I'll just put a photo of them in too.


Lindy said...

I love the photos of your friends, the sheep! The cardigan is lovely, nice green and you look great in it!

Catherine said...

Only just noticed where I had placed the comments on this blog! Thanks for your sypport Lindy :).