Saturday, February 21, 2009

The hook and Alpaca top.

The crochet hook entered my life when Irene (aka WonderWanda on Ravelry) sat beside me hooking a lovely coffee cosy. It must have stuck in my mind, as when I'd spun some 2007 dyed fleece (formerly residing in the attic) , it eventually became a coffee cosy too.

My coffee cosy - more like coffee armor then sweet pot clothing Irene made.

This came about after Roseann at our knitting group showed me how to do some crochet stitches and a week later showed me some more as did Muriel. Even if they felt like it, they did not whack me on the knuckles for my ungainly fumbling and were very patient - which was good as I felt like my hands were two big shovels.
Armed with these stitches, I kept trying trying with my nobbeldy, splitty yarn (which I named February Sky - as I've seen some lovely blue and pink skies round here lately
This part has 3 stitch high "loops" - other parts have 2 or 1 and yet others have none.

I don't know the crochet lingo at all yet but I suppose it will seep in eventually.

I also have no knowledge of what hooks size to use with which wool etc - while I have some idea of that stuff with respect to knitting.

I think evenness and regularity may be much admired in the crochet world - and maybe would become so for me with time. Currently, I'm still attracted by the "nutty brown bread" type of yarn - as opposed to the "processed white sliced" or even the " baguette" type.

I'm currently working on a highly processed but very lovely bit of Alpaca top. It's actually blonde colored and soft as cotton wool. Spinning it from the top, even when it's split into slivers, does result in a pretty hairy yarn though - delicate though the hairs may be. This was solved by spinning it from the fold which worked beautifully. Looking forward to seeing how it plies. Must take some photos when OH returns with the "good" still camera - not that I resent him having a bit of fun without me - no , not at all.

OH returned camera - I have great respect for photographers now. This shot doesn't do the yarn justice - but it's the best I can do for now.



Lindy said...

Goodness, you HAVE made progress! Lovely colour and it must be good to have hot coffee.

Catherine said...

Lindy, must remeber to bring it along on Wednesday to show Roseann and Muriel that their efferts were not in vain.