Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sod busting and Dog Combed fleece

Dog Comb
This little dog comb is really great for preparing long or short fleece fibers.

The name on it is "Rixy's - cost 4 euro.

The long, silver spikey side combed out this short fiber, which was dyed in after-wash in the oven (along with the dinner) and then combed into a long sliver,

These longer locks (about 6") were combed and the long fibers kept together while the short ones left behind were turned into rolags for woolen.

Nice open parallel locks after combing

More of the same.
Sod Busting
The weather god read my post yesterday - and just to show me, dumped some snow on us in the early morning. Huddie brought the news - being covered in wet snow.
However, it soon cleared and the sun came out so no further excuse to avoid replanting three fruit trees.
Just for my own record and (for others if needed) I'm going to describe how to sod bust without bending the back at all. Involves using a small half-moon- shaped edger (does not have to be almost total rust like mine).
Every time I go to do stuff that's done only periodically, I waste a lot of time getting it wrong before remembering the right way. To avoid this, I'm going to write myself some tips from time to time (interesting to see if this helps as the memory fades).
Use the edger to make a 4 x 4 square then use it again inside the square to cut it in 4. Wiggle it to loosen the edges.
Plunge a fork diagonally into one 1/4 and lift the sod out. (May need to plunge it again at a different angle to loosen it all).
Step on the sod and pull the fork out. This is the trick that it bendless.

Seems obvious but it's not unusual to see persons round her on hunkers trying to pull the sod up off the ground or off the end of the fork with the hands.

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