Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sheep in the garden

Ah Shucks - an electric net!
What you lookin at?
Side lawn after sheep and mower - did a nice job.
Getting down to work.
Two days ago, decided to let the sheep have a feast on the side lawn . Good for them and for the long damp grass. Did this with the help of Huddie and a electric netting.Cornered as they were, it seemed a good time to worm and anti-flue them. This was a bit of a circus as the battery had to be disconnected for a short time to move them to a pen set up nearby and they of course took the opportunity to maraud round the garden, taking a swipe at any interesting growth as they went (like the new azaelias) . Not too much damage though and they are now moved to the front lawn to top that.

They are all now down in the rough pasture again - a relief for the dogs who developed a phobia of the electric net. As the days get longer, the girls get their concentrate supplement later and later - until it's being given fairly late in the evening - a good thing as the later they get the grub, the more likely they are to lamb during the day - or so I'm told by many sources.


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